Training and motivation

Stop Whining, Start Grinding

Don’t let your focus shift to negative thoughts and excuses which only lead to lethargy and procrastination. The only way to get through grief, heartache and pain is to push forward to get to the next level. When you wake up each morning find things to be grateful for, this will help your mindset. Be consistent and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.


Go Beyond Yourself

‘The only thing standing between you and your goal is the ‘bullshit’ (excuse me 😉 story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it’ – Jordan Belfort

Ten Thousand Hours

Life is forever changing and there will ups and downs.

When life tends to run smoothly we often become lethargic and complacent and when things get rough we try to think of other things without tackling the challenge in hand which is put there solely to help us grow and seek tools from within to get to that next level.

Balance is what is required at all times to get through the hardships and zeal, creativity and vigor is what is required to glide through those easy moments. Use your life to bend to your inner will to evolve and grow and create. This is pure evolutionary genius we have as humans.

Amazing Success – Despite Failure

Here we find awesome examples of Greatness and Success stories beyond one’s imagination. They all had one thing in common: They were failures at some point in their lives but they never gave up and never gave in to what other’s thought of them.

What is Fear?

Envisioning Success is like reaching for the stars, it seems like an impossible task to accomplish for those who live their lives in constant fear. This video proves that fear is just an illusion – it’s a figment of our imagination. With a simple swipe, we can eradicate fear from our minds, and then we will find that the battle is already half won.

Overcome your Fear.