6 Methods That Boost Your ATTITUDE UP When Life Wants TO DRAG YOU DOWN

A good positive karma is the key to success in life, so what exactly happens when things don’t go the way we want them to go? We tend to let our mood swings dive along with the situation. Life frequently presents us with smaller and major ups and downs, but if we want to have success in life, we have to learn to keep our attitude up.

We have to find tools that help us managing our attitude when situations go down the hill for us. Below some ideas how to boost your attitude and your success:

1. Take time off

You never know what happens next. You’re heading out an entire day and everything seems to be going awesome, when all of the sudden – chaos, mess, desperation. Your entire, well thought through plan and strategy are over the heap. Sometimes situations appear out of the blue and, unfortunately, and often by reacting under pressure, we act out of our weaknesses instead of our strengths. Trying to do the right thing we often make decisions that aren’t thought through well enough. We act with a poor attitude that says, “I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

Next time circumstances turn against you, step back and think before you act. This will allow you to manage the situation rationally, rather than emotionally. It’ll help you to put your mindset back into the place where it should be. It enables YOU to choose your attitude. Step back, relax and get a cup of coffee. Not circumstances control YOU – YOU control the circumstances!

2. Focus on your goal

The major problem with trouble is that takes your mind away from where it ought to be. A race-car driver in trouble keeps his eyes straight ahead focused on his destination. Otherwise the possibility to wreck the car and himself is huge. Keeping his eye on the goal keeps him out of trouble most of the time – at least.

When you have the feeling you are going down the rabbit hole, sit back and note your target down, and think about HOW you want to get there. Highlight the important things and ensure they stay highlighted!

Somebody asked a man how he was going and he responded, “Pretty good, considering the circumstances.” A woman asked, “What are you doing under this circumstances?” “Good question. We should not be under those circumstances. We should keep our eyes on the goal and move forward.”

3. Concentrate on solutions – not problems

A saying: “The squealing wheel gets the lube first”. Issues don’t just sit there quietly they scream for our attention. When we face difficulties, we have a tendency to jump on them. We speak about them, lift them higher and higher and give them far too much attention.


4. Get yourself some positive input

The mind builds on itself, so whenever we begin to walk into a particular direction (like worrying), it can get slippery. It is very important to get our mind back into a positive mindset.

When situations push you against the emotional wall, catch up with someone who can inspire you. Read an excellent book. Whatever brings your emotions back on track again – go for it! It should be our 1st goal to get started feeding our attitude and emotion with positivity.

5. Feed your brain with good things

Controlling our thoughts is one of the biggest internal powers we have!
Dwell down on the nice things such as your life or your home business instead of issues. Think about the positive – things you love and that give you a sense of joy and peace. A childhood song says, “Count your blessings-name them one at a time.” That’s awesome advice! Let your good attitude develop from within as well as from without. This is all the difference!

6. Remember that will change

Sometimes it appears like we are in trouble forever, but the truth is, “it will pass.” There is going to be a time when circumstances change and you will be on the peak of the mountain rather than in the valley.

Love and Light



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