Hand on your heart, how are you travelling with your New Years Resolutions?

While losing weight, eating healthy, and stopping smoking are all brilliant resolutions, often an inner voice sabotages you. If you learn how to master secrets of the Law of Attraction you are not only closer to accomplish your New Years Resolutions it also helps you with so many other situations in life.

The universe responds to your thoughts and feelings and provides you exactly with what’s going on in your mind. Unfortunately, most people think and act as a reaction to the things that are already happening in their real life.

This reaction often creates a cycle of anger, despression symptoms, frustration, hostility or anxiety. For instance, you feel angry about something, which triggers the universe to send  you something else that makes you even more angry and the cycle repeats.

Wouldn’t it be better to find methods how to feel positive during your day that the universe sends more of that what makes you happy? If you could find a way to believe and feel positively irrespective of your current reality, you’d be able to master the Law of Attraction and a new wave would appear with everything that you wished.

With this in mind, listed below are seven secrets to make sure that your reality is leaps and bounds where you are today.

1. Drop the “I have to” mentality

Most of us have fed in to the belief that to become a good person we need to work hard and have to do things we don’t enjoy doing. If you stick to this attitude, the universe will continue to send you hard work and struggle.

Instead of hammering away jobs and things you don’t fancy, make it a priority to enjoy life at least a few times a day.

Make laughing and fun priority. Don’t be afraid to stop doing what you don’t like for some time and have fun instead. If you want to have a fun and fulfilling life, you must send the universe a note that you expect fun and excitement!

2. Are thankful for every day:

Every single day, have a few minutes and run through things that you are grateful for, and really allow yourself to feel the gratitude for the blessings in your life. Make a habit to thank the universe for your blessings to ensure that more of these come your way.

3. Give others the benefit for the doubt:

It can be easy to respond to different peoples’ unkindness and activities with anger. Do yourself (and them) a favour of giving them the advantage of the doubt. Probably she/he said something wrong because she/he is overwhelmed at work. Maybe she/he bumped into you because she/he’s distracted by some awful information he just got.
This new outlook will cut the other person off, but (moreover) it will make YOU feel better about the situation, and how you are feeling is extremely important if you wish to master the Law of Attraction.

4. Ban news from your life.

The news today is chock-full of everything that has gone wrong on earth. There’s no benefit feeding yourself with that sort of negativity. Lessen the news, or even better, stop seeing it entirely. Feed your brain with positive messages instead.

5. Commit to kindness on a daily basis:

You get what you give, so give kindness. Hold the door wide open for someone, surprise your loved one with a little thoughtful present, or send them compliments and hugs. Every action comes back with a positive impact out of the universe, consequently do your share and shine kindness and love.

6. Approach towards what you want rather than from what you don’t:

Make sure that your main actions are leaning towards because you want something to happen, instead of because you fear what might happen.

For example, call your parents when you want to speak to them, not because you are afraid they’ll get upset about you for not calling. Action due to fear creates even more fearful experiences. Action because of dreams makes more dreams come true. Plan and action mindfully.

7. Meditate:

Meditation enables you to clear emotional tension, sadness, stress and anxiety. It helps you to focus completely in the present. It calms you down, allows you to relax and helps you increase your spirit significantly.

Meditating for just 10 minutes a day helps you to focus, helps you the get more clarity about yourself and helps you to shine inside out 🙂
Research the energy of meditation and it will become clear that meditating is something you should be doing daily.

Start shifting your life energy into the right direction, use these steps listed above to help you mastering the Law of Attraction secrets.
Thank and forgive others. Use the benefit of doubt, drop the struggle mentality, switch off the news, give kindness, move mindfully and meditate.

Practice these steps daily to look and feel better and attract an excellent lifestyle for yourself.


Love, Peace and Abundance
Carina Beger



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