Top 10 GREAT THINGS ABOUT Advertising On Facebook

Top 10 GREAT THINGS ABOUT Advertising On Facebook

  1. Facebook is among the most preferred websites on the Internet. With roughly 1.28 billion monthly active users, Facebook may be the 2nd-most visited website on the web (behind Google). Those eyeballs mean a lot of publicity for your ads.
  2. Facebook offers targeted advertising. Facebook allows advertisers to target a certain group of people predicated on age, personal interests and more. Facebook can even comb through user profiles to place your advertisements only on pages that mention a particular keyword.
  3. You can increase buyer loyalty through a Facebook Fan page. Countless businesses have produced Facebook Fanpages that users can become a member of. These pages allow your organization to interact directly with your customers so that you can build loyalty and company image.
  4. Offer special offers through your Facebook Fan page. Your fan page can also be used as a platform to promote services or ad campaigns. Updates on new merchandise launches keep your visitors more educated and up-to-date on what products or services you offer.
  5. Facebook advertising are more flexible than Google AdWords. Compared to Google AdWords, Facebook presents additional character duration for advertising descriptions. The ability to create image-based advertising also adds flexibility.
  6. Facebook users present heightened viewers engagement. Facebook users visit the website not simply to take information, but as well to create it. This results in a higher retention rate that increases ad visibility.
  7. Facebook facilitates multiple ad views. Your advertisement has a better chance of getting seen or having a great effect when seen multiple instances. A high number of Facebook users visit the site many times a day.
  8. Select from CPC and CPM pay structures. Facebook allows advertisers to get advertising space on a click-based or impression-based fee structure. This allows you to tailor your advertisement campaign predicated on budget and other choices.
  9. Advertising on Facebook can be inexpensive. Because of the targeted character of Facebook marketing, your online campaign can reach your target industry for a reasonably affordable price. Selection of deals for impression-based campaigns is also fairly large, enabling you to reach as many users as your finances allows.
  10. Capability to reach smartphone users. Facebook can be accessed via smartphones global each day. This means advertisers not only have the ability to reach people on their computers, but also people out in the globe as well.

Advertising on Facebook brings your product / service in front of the right people

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