The “Powerball” Effect

Hello from Perth, Western Australia

Over the Past few months of working from Home and studying marketing, human physiology and why we buy…

I have come across some very interesting and somewhat strange ways of tapping into our “primal” triggers for buying.

Wanna know more?

Let’s get it…

Have you seen the crazy-ness (or should I say crazy-mess) surrounding the lottery right now in the US? – Yes, even we Aussies bought US lottery tickets!

If ya haven’t.

The US lottery was up to 1.3 billion. Maybe more.

Because of this, it’s taken over the media, people are going crazy and standing in line for 6 plus hours to get a ticket. The Australian Homepage “Lottoland” was down for hours yesterday!

Side note: mental if ya ask me.


What is it about a “golden ticket” that has people Going bananas?

Some Might say “the money”.

And partly, their right.

But what is it really about the ticket attached to winning some money, that really has people going “one flew over the cuckoos nest” mad!

The F-R-E-E-D-O-M it represents for them!

Please read that again like in a Mel Gibson Braveheart Accent!

Go on. Give yourself a chuckle on me:)


Huh, what ya mean?

Think about it.

When you think of yourself with a million dollars plus. What do you “right away” think about?

The quality of your life?
What ya gonna spend it on?
Where ya gonna travel?

Hell yeah you are.

And there ain’t no shame in that.

Let me tell ya.

It’s primal!

And it’s natural.

So what can you do in your business to make it like the “Power-Ball” effect with your future clients?

Find out. 

Because Making your freedom is way easier… than you think

 Carina Beger – Woman Unleashed



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