Have you set your goals for 2016 yet?

Hello from Western Australia,

Hope you had a BEAUTIFUL holiday season and some relaxing time with your family.

I know it’s a PERFECT time to reflect, recharge and set our intentions for the next 365 days…

2016 will be awesome… for some

I truly believe in setting an intention  and putting 

Time + Resources = Goals

Is the key to success.

Example: If you want to lose weight.

Did you clean out an old room to prepare for working out at the house?


Did you buy a computer to get ready to build your first successful online business?

I believe that the combination of: Hard Work and the Proper Education.

You can go to school all day but if you don’t put some “elbow grease” into something it won’t come out like you wanted.

Many set goals. 

Only the determined meet them.

– Set it up in your schedule

– Establish a Habit

– Change by “Changing Yourself First”

Take responsibility. 

Stop blaming your employer

Stop blaming your spouse

Stop blaming your situation

Take Corrective Action

All you need to do it recognize where you can improve

Set a plan to improve

Follow through daily (if you don’t it’s gonna go on the back burner)

For me personally.

I wanted more flexibility and travelling.

So I started studying industries that work from home.

Most were horrible – they didn’t pay well, had no upside…

And there weren’t people in that industry willing to share what they do.

That was the biggie.

If someone before me hasn’t done it…

It felt like I was Christopher Columbus … breaking new ground

I just wanted to follow people who have “succeeded”  and copy what they did and optimise it.

So before you pass out from partying, drinking, and dancing…

I highly suggest you put your 2016 goals in motion by reading my

Click Here:

How to Make Extra Money

and mentally store that in your mind  to use it in 2016

Plan for success, it’s essential to where you want to go.

I, Carina Beger (Woman Unleashed)

and Skippy the Kangaroo wish you an AWESOME 2016!



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