Web Copy Do’s and Don’ts

Today I would like to share some of my knowledge how to write a killer web copy that attracts attention and converts leads into customers. 
  • Do write your web copy in a conversational style. That makes it more friendly and approachable
  •  Do use contractions. It’s intimate and more catches attention such as “I’ve” instead of “I have”, “we’ll” instead of “we will”
  • Do use colloquialisms. You draw your reader closer, appear more friendly, more familiar and closer. Some of them have found their way into online communication: cool -> great / broke -> having little money / make waves -> causing trouble / laid-back -> calm relaxed. Avoid misleading and regional/locally based colloquialisms.
  • Communicate a clear benefit / advantage
  • Testimonials are very powerful. Position them strategically throughout your web copy.
  • Don’t try to impress with fancy vocabulary and don’t be pompous. Your audience is smarter than you think!

 Make it a great day and 

Carina Beger – Woman Unleashed

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