Stop Whining, Start Grinding

I found this very inspiration video on youtube I would like to share with you guys. – Enjoy

Don’t let your focus shift to negative thoughts and excuses which only lead to lethargy and procrastination. The only way to get through grief, heartache and pain is to push forward to get to the next level. When you wake up each morning  find things to be grateful for, this will help your mindset. Be consistent and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Best of success!

Carina Beger – Woman Unleashed



Categories: Training and motivation

4 replies

  1. Thanks for sharing this inspirational video and message Carina. We cant have enough positivity, someone somewhere will be uplifted. Cheers


  2. I LOVE the title of this blog post Carina! STOP WHINING, START GRINDING, go take action! Thanks for rocking the motivation x


  3. I get so annoyed at whiners and they don’t like it when it’s pointed out to them. I truly appreciated this video. I would love to pass it on. Thanks for sharing, Carina. I will share this with all my social media followers.


  4. loved the video, a pick me up for sure, thanks


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