Ten Thousand Hours

I found this absolutely motivating video on youtube:


Life is forever changing and there will ups and downs.

When life tends to run smoothly we often become lethargic and complacent and when things get rough we try to think of other things without tackling the challenge in hand which is put there solely to help us grow and seek tools from within to get to that next level.

Balance is what is required at all times to get through the hardships and zeal, creativity  and vigor is what is required to glide through those easy moments. Use your life to bend to your inner will to evolve and grow and create. This is pure evolutionary genius we have as humans.

 Carina Beger – Woman Unleashed



Categories: Training and motivation

6 replies

  1. The knowledge that everything is constantly changing ALL the time… is why people can consider to spend time wisely and passionately!

    Don’t waste is doing things they hate right!
    Great post Carina, thank you!


  2. This is a very inspiring video! I want to share this!


  3. OOH – AWESOME VIDEO Carina! It’s often thought that people are an overnight sensation – people just don’t see the 10 years of work leading up to it. Thank you for sharing one of the best videos I’ve seen in ages! x


  4. love the video, thanks for sharing


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