A little update from our holiday (part 2) ….

Hello Team,

Our trip continues ….

After a lot of car adventures at Audi and BMW in Germany we were heading down south straight through Switzerland and across the alps.

Our rental car climbed 2000 m up the maintains reaching the peak of Monte Spluga which is the border between Switzerland and Italy and all the way down on the other side of the mountain. We were rewarded with a stunning view at Lago di Como which is surrounded by maintains in the north.

Having a two relaxing days we decided to hire a speed boat to get a way from the crowd. – Boys toys – I tell you my husband had fun!

We finished our Lago di Como adventure off with a fantastic glass of Italian red wine and a yummy pizza overlooking the lake and the mountains.

The next day we headed straight into Milan, a big Italian city in the state of Lombardo Venezia. I tell you, being used to the Western Australian “no worries” mentality we where quite overwhelmed by the crowd and the traffic. The July’s heat and the pollution was a challenge for us.

It took us two days to visit the dome and the castello in Milan and for everyone who is into culture and ancient things – that’s the place to be! We saw paintings from the 13th century!

After two days walking through various museums and a polluted city we decided to back off and hit the road back to Germany to say goodbye to my parents for a very long time.

Two days later we both arrived back in Perth safely but very tired.


Carina Beger @ Monte Spluga somewhere between Italy and Switzerland



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